Interactive Displays- New Tools for sharing

Thousands of years ago man began sharing information on the walls of caves. In Australia, the Aboriginal Tribes would teach their young about hunting, farming, and survival with graphics. This concept of sharing information hasn’t changed much in thousands of years. What has changed is the tool we now use to share, display, and collaborate. The development of the Interactive Display is the current tool utilized in Corporate, Educational, Health Care, and Commercial markets.

The current technology from Alliant Integrators is offered by Clear Touch Interactive. When placed on a network this display allows you to draw, annotate, share, and collaborate within the space of the display and around the world. In the age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, applications are easily loaded on these devices allowing network access to the Interactive Device.

The latest 6000 series displays are 20 point touch panels allowing multiple people to work on the displays simultaneously. A full complement of software offered from Clear Touch allows recording, sharing, collaborating, and real-time polling. However, Clear Touch Displays are Software Agnostic. These displays will work with Word, Skype, PowerPoint, Google, and any presentation tool, collaboration software, a conferencing system, and other business applications.

Ready to bring your meetings, classrooms, and collaboration spaces into the 21st century?