Listening for trouble. Enhancing Security through the technology of sound.

In our current buildings, most of us have installed a number of different types of Security Systems to help keep people in the appropriate places or keep an eye on who is where and what they’re up to at any time. As an Integrator, we have installed thousands of CCTV Cameras, thousands of Access Controlled Doors, Intrusion Detection Devices, and Visitor Management Systems all in the quest to keep people safe. In many instances, the cameras end up as documentation devices. Not everyone has the resources for security staff to monitor every inch of a building or campus. We have clients with no security personnel to monitor the cameras or patrol any areas. So how can we have an active monitoring device help in the detection of trouble? Security Microphones with a brain. Yes, a microphone with a processor inside and algorithms designed to detect different types of sound.

The POE driven Microphone is a new digital product from Louroe Electronics model designation Digifact A. The Digifact A can process and detect gunshots, aggressive speech, car alarms and/or glass breakage. The analytics for each type of detection are sold separately, however, the microphone can run multiple analytics simultaneously.

So how do we know we have detected a problem? There are several different ways to annunciate a particular condition has occurred through the integration to other Security Systems already in place. This device can be integrated with CCTV causing cameras in the vicinity to automatically come up on screen. This is very advisable so I can now identify who and where quickly. This device can also be integrated to trigger almost any type of event using audio, flashing strobes, almost anything you can dream up including SMS or email messaging depending on the other systems you have in place. Remember this is a device, not a system. That’s where Alliant Integrators comes into play.

Alliant Integrators can utilize this device to enhance your current Security Systems and Infrastructure. We can also provide the method of delivery of the event to your specific needs. This device will have a great impact in Educational, Healthcare, and Commercial markets. And remember this device uses sophisticated audio analytics to detect these events. Alliant Integrators maintains professional audio technicians as well as professional security technicians. Ready to develop better security in your building?